Very strange. About

Very strange. About I understood that he received any healing from newcomers.

Something dreamed you interesting I took an interest.

Nick answered that did not remember dreams, and told You came into a room and woke me then word for word repeated our dialogue and asked And why you made it I explained that we with mother saw, how it stood on a staircase, looking in space and without answering our questions, therefore I decided to come to find out, whether all with it as it should be.

Truth the son mistrustfully asked.

Very strange.

About this episode at it did not remain any memoirs.

I did not become it more about anything to ask, hoping that in due time everything will become clear.

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For them recognition

For them recognitionAt them more physical force and temperament.

Red childrenOften they punishment of the parents.

They are stubborn, quicktempered.

Aspire to finish the work always.

They have an independent and strong personality.

For them recognition and an appreciation made them is important.

They want to see immediately results of the work given by it it is so heavy.

HealthProblems with health for the red are often connected with work.

Because of a raising of weights they can have hernia and a back pains.

Because of love to dangers they can receive cuts a knife or an automatic saw, burns, bullet wounds.

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Unemployed What specifically it is necessary to do how to start to realize about what you speak – Realization should occur on several channels.

We should learn mentality, to approach differentially to each group nasethe line, considering an occupation, age.

to involve all systems of mass information, gradually developing them, holding daily seminars on rabochy places.

Unemployed people should visit special meropriyaa tiya, clubs where they would pass a course.

As though World universithaws, in which each earthling is obliged to pass such course the new person, telling to it in a simple language about what here it was told.

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For reduction

For reduction What to do.

Treatment of blockade of the plaintive channel is usually carried out in house conditions.

Twice a day it is necessary to mass a projection of the plaintive channel in the field of an internal corner of an eye.

It is necessary to do massage by purely washed up hands.

For reduction of pain it is possible to use warm lotions on area of an internal corner of an eye.

When to call the doctor.

Address to the doctor as soon as noticed symptoms of an infection and blockade of the plaintive channel.

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A graze this

A graze this Rising to the feet, children start to smile and even to laugh, shout from delight and to murmur.

Bruises and grazes What is such.

Bruise this damage of soft fabrics of a body without violation of integrity of an integument.

A graze this damage of soft fabrics with violation of integrity of blankets of skin.

With increase in mobility the child has first bruises and grazes.

We will describe symptoms of bruise change of skin color in a damage place; color depends on extent of changes of hemoglobin in a blow place red, dark blue, bluebrown, brown, greenishyellow, yellow; morbidity during the first days after blow; compaction of a site; puffiness or swelling.

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